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I wanna test my ability to write in English. Whether it's British or American, at least, "You understand I understand" -My Biology Teacher-

I'm a girl who loves music, everything about music. How to make it, how to listen for it, how to make it "touch" us. Yup, music can change the whole world. I do believe in it. Cause everytime I hear it, I just be inside the lyrics, and I dance with the rythm, also, catched by the story.

Who don't like music? Everybody in this world might be learn with it. So, music is universal.

I like Bruno Mars. A LOT. But, I feel bored with it. Somekinds, makes me sick. I like his songs, but only if I heard it once or twice.

My bestfriend teach me how to choose a good quality songs. She has a lot of cool songs in her playlist. Sometimes in class, when we don't like the teacher, we take the earphones together.

Kahitna, Yeah! Both of us agree that their songs are best quality in Indonesia. They keep consistant in making  songs and non of their songs not interesting to be heard.

My oldest sister, I know Kahitna from her. She is addict with their songs! One day, she told me if her husband was bought her an album of Kahitna to make my sister love him back. Yes, Kahitna make them get in love hahaha

I have a band, called Longitudinal. 7 persons inside, and we are old friends. This band makes us keep in touch each other.

I love hearing Maudy Ayunda. Her song titled "Tahu Diri" is the best song I've ever heard. In a day, I can play it 20 times without catching the other songs.

Sometimes, I hear the rythm, on the other side, I drowned into the lyrics. Should I write the lyrics here?
Later, I will

Ah, stop talking bout music.

Alright guys, here we go~

I'm in love, but I'm not sure with this guy.

He is my senior. I'm a year behind him. A rider. Yaa lalala~

It's enough

Huaa, do you know what I am really doing right now?

I'm watchin Lockout at FoxMovies and I do 2 activities at the same time.

Wait. Is that May 30? Wow, I almost done through this shitty month yeay!

It getting messy here. So I have to repair it.

Well, I'm going to face the last semester exams. It's little bit annoying but I have to pass it. Beside, I was guaranteed to be in Science class for the next year. But should I move on from my school? It's too hard for me to leave my bestfriends inside the "big cage" full of idiot idiom taught boys and really spoilled girls ah, full of sht.

I think, blog for girls are just like their diary, and I agree with that.

One reason push me registed as a blogger, I have no one to share something like this.

Except, my bestfriend. New bestfriend. Even we're only know each other started from July, last year, but we're close enough. If there's she, always me behind, vice versa! Haha, we're helping each other. We're sharing each other, complaining each other, we're helping each other to do millions of homework, and that's us. We're just like jagger in class, because we know that we're different

They are some people who can respect teachers. They don't wont to move on, they life is full of unimportant things. There's a teacher in front of class, they sleep. There's no teacher, they play around until the next teacher come and they keep making sounds, I called them jerk. Because they are not respecting me studying in class, and I also don't respect them.

They keep losing my things. Pens, Pencils, some of my friends lose headsets because they borrowed them. Stupid decision-_-
Well, by the way, you can call him Hitachi. Who's him? My senior.
See you in the next words!

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