Kamis, 30 Mei 2013

Untitled #2

haha, ternyata bahasa inggris aku belepotan. May I keep writing English, so I can say tons of things easily?

Why I choose write this Untittled 2 is because I just feels like writing a trash so no one will understand what I wrote.

Today, I declare that I hate everything that just happened. My printer was broken, but there's still 1 more task that I have to print. Another "makalah". Makalah everywhere, that's why I hate May besides some another freaky reasons.

Last year, I spent my May just like this month. Too much homework, too much problem, until so many things that I wanna do but everything gone wrong so I can't do the "many things" just like what I expected.

So, don't expect too much cause it will hurt you so much

Anyway, the other things that makes me hate May is, yaa, it's 31 days to be passed and it goes like burning in hell, even I never feel it, yet 

Please God, I can;t stand with the fires inside Your hell :(

Well, another thing is, he is making me up, then break me down, deepest hill that I've ever feel. I'm starting to think that I shouldn't take that risk, take the whole impossible things

Haha, even the impossible says that I'm Possible, ah, another bullshit

If you read my another stories, I guarantee you I've changed

It's because May, because the last semester exams, the tasks, the annoying teacher, ah, everything
and I'm starting to get frustrating about those silly things in my high school life. Just like this blog said

Guys, I think it's enough for me to open my blog. I need a rest, I need to refresh my mind than I can wrote something more productive.

But actually, I've tried to sing Tahu Diri, and it's kinda, match with my voice, so I'll record it for my youtube later :) after exams next week of coarse.

I can sing it until the last teardrops, for the next amburadul voices, but my piano is not helping me so much, so I'll find another way to record it.

Hey, I miss someone. But I've throw it away.. Lalala~
Oh past, I hate you. Bye

-Tahu Diri-

Hai, selamat bertemu lagi
Aku sudah lama menghindarimu
Sialku lah, kau ada disini

Sungguh tak mudah bagiku
Rasanya tak ingin bernafas lagi
Tegak berdiri, di depanmu kini

Sakitnya menusuki jantung ini
Melawan cinta yang ada di hati

Dan upayaku tahu diri
 Tak s'lamanya berhasil
Pabila kau muncul terus begini
Tanpa pernah kita bisa bersama
Pergilah, menghilang sajalah

Bye, selamat berpisah lagi
Meski masih ingin memandangimu
Lebih baik, kau tiada disini

Sungguh tak mudah bagiku
Menghentikan s'gala khayalan gila
Jika kau ada, dan ku cuma bisa

Meradang, menjadi yang disisimu
Membenci nasibku yang tak berubah

Dan upayaku tahu diri
Tak s'lamanya berhasil
Pabila, kau muncul terus begini
Tanpa pernah kita bisa bersama
Pergilah, menghilang sajalah

Berkali-kali kau berkata, kau cinta tapi tak bisa
Berkali-kali ku t'lah berjanji 

Dan upayaku tahu diri
Tak s'lamanya berhasil

Dan upayaku tahu diri
Tak s'lamanya berhasil
Pabila, kau muncul terus begini
Tanpa pernah, kita bisa bersama
Pergilah, menghilang sajalah
Pergilah, menghilang sajalah
Pergilah, menghilang sajalah

Seems like I haven't ready to move on
Should I get ready for it?
Sometimes, it just flow like a water
And what I should do is just wait until the water coming out
And I'll flow with it 
Wherever it takes me by
To the furthest place
Most beautiful place I've ever seen
Is it possible?
Or, should I blew with the wind
So I can get higher,
More than Empire State
I'm still thinking of you
But I never know
Never think if
You do the same thing
Like I do, like I feel
Or, should I never know about you?

When it gets darker 
The only light I would follow was just you
Now, I lost the light
And I don't have any flashlight
To wait until the candle is made for me
Then, why I forget to take a flashlight?
Because I trusted you, too much

I have to step back
For my past, for my present
For her, for you
Don't you get it?
I still stuck inside the same cage
But stupidly I never realize
The trap was so deep
You made it, but you will take me back
To make me dropped inside the next trap
You'll make the next trap
Yeah, you'll make it

Thank you
For the light you have given to me
I'm used to it

But I know,
You'll never forget us
You'll take the other train
But never leaves your briefcase
Thank you
For everything
The trap, the light, the briefcase

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  1. Getting so tired, this time? :)
    Fight! Can't wait to hear your voice~

    1. Hi, Girl! Of Coarse, there's no strength to stand haha
      Win! Me tooo aaaaaaaaa your silly voice (?)

    2. You have me :)
      Hahaha my super incredible cute voice =D